Less Stress - Healthier Baby! Part 2

26/09/2015 10:04

WHAT actually happens in the body?
Working at Stanford, Sapolsky discovered that over a long period under chronic against cortisol and associated hormones cause it to nerve cells in certain parts of the brain lose their branches and die. This can eventually lead to poor memory, unclear thinking and a lack of creativity. Because other negative effects of stress, leading to interruption of some vital functions in the body, can lead to the chronic fatigue, muscle pain, high blood pressure, ulcers, fertility problems and increased risk of all diseases.

HOW DOES STRESS ON pregnant woman and her baby
As galloping zebra experiencing temporary disruption of the flow of play, as well as pregnant women acting chronic stress is transferred to the fetus. Increased cortisol levels diverted blood flow, and it instead of supplying the uterus and fetus circulate to other parts of her body. The consequence of this is to reduce the amount of oxygen and food that gets the result - in extreme cases even up to 60%!

Stress hormones cross the placenta accelerating your baby's heartbeat. Although the passage of stress hormones through the placenta has not sufficiently trained, it is assumed that they in fetal brain act the same as in adults - reducing the number of neurons and prevent their complete formation.