Less Stress - Healthier Baby! Part 3

27/09/2015 10:06
Stress is the enemy!

Studies have shown that the higher the level of anxiety in expectant mothers, are more likely to suffer from nausea during the whole pregnancy. In addition, it increases the possibility that the delivery will be long and painful. A baby who has a long time been exposed to stress hormones will be restless, irritable, prone to stomach cramps and various infections.

Ironically, many couples are delaying pregnancy until middle or late thirties, hoping that greater stability in his career and finances, they find that their stress levels during pregnancy higher because they are worried about the possible problems caused by the mother's age. The cause of this chronic stress are the most frightening stories before the mother-served "well-meaning" family members. And that's just in the period when the mother and her unborn child needed peace and tranquility.