Less Stress - Healthier Baby! Part 4

28/09/2015 10:08

How to defend from stress?
In many cultures around the world for centuries during pregnancy is considered a time of peace and tranquility. For example, an ancient Japanese tradition Taikio warns pregnant women to avoid noisy squabbles and street vendors to keep quiet gardens and the sounds of bells and percussion driven by wind. In Shakespeare's work "Henry V", Lady Grey loud ensures that "sadness and tears can suffocate or strangle" her unborn child. Modern women are health magazines, various literature and internet substitute for tradition and prejudice.

They find in them tips for relaxation, meditation and relaxation, yoga exercises and other methods that can lower levels of stress hormones in the body. However, any method that calms the mother (walk through the city, going out into nature, reading books, knitting ...) and that he can stop the "kaskajućeg lion" - is good for the future mental and emotional well-being of her child.