Listen To The Nature

26/04/2015 10:16

In an article published in the prestigious science journal British Medical Journal, a group of prominent British physician points out that an increasing number of women who postpone motherhood to pursue a career, risking many complications. Whether, and when, for a woman too late to have a baby?

Nature does not change

Doctors warn that our living circumstances may have changed, but that nature is not, and that women who are waiting too long to become mothers should be aware that they face coping with numerous problems.

Among others, there are problems with the very conception, increasing the risk of miscarriage and high blood pressure. Experts stress that society, employers and health workers encourage women to delay motherhood to be able to pursue his career and "financially secure".

Piles of disappointed

This attitude, says one of the authors, Professor Peter Brod, often leading to huge disappointments:

- At my clinic regularly meet a crowd of disappointed woman, who lost all illusions. Often it's a very successful business women who are in life achieved everything they wanted.

They are hard working, well-earned, and now believe that thanks to it can fulfill itself and this desire - to become a mother.

However, it happens that we find that their ovaries no longer function, or the semen quality of their partners so much bad that they can not become fathers. These women suddenly become aware that they are no longer in the bloom of youth, they become very concerned and are strongly stressed.