Long content still is good promotional content

21/05/2015 10:34

Lately coming research on how human attention now has to read long posts and how much time they can set aside for this. So he and the modern trend information portals that shorten their articles to as many as 300 to 500 words.

But if we want our blog reaches a certain value, you simply have to have relevant content. No person shall mean to read the article of 500 words if you did not cover the entire area which is someone wanted to read.

Especially if you delve into areas that are more serious must have relevant useful, valuable information, which will allow you to google your topic considered for good, and if someone really learn from your post you've got a new regular users of your blog.

It's time to spend money on marketing promotion of your blog!

Many bloggers hate to spend money on advertising, and if we had no measurable benefits from every euro invested in marketing their stuff. The advertising market in the Scheme of Social networks are very few in Serbia, and thus the results are huge when you use it.

Examine how does competition have on the internet and how similar things publishes every day. Another advantage of this method of advertising is that you can target a group of people that you place your product. They are likely to be interested in your post so it will therefore be a good advertising, and provide enough organic clicks than paid.

One way to get around the competition is to invest a little money in your best articles, targeting categories of people who would see posts were of no use.

Begin to invest in paid marketing of your posts, start with 30 euros and test what will be achieved. I think one euro a day everyone can separate to a hundred times better.