Men And Pregnancy 2

30/06/2015 16:57

First awareness about the loss of "freedom"

In fact, he was aware that the birth of a child many things change, there will be more tied to the home, you will need more woman and child, the less will be located with the boys in the bar or on the sports field - it is the so-called. loss of freedom.

2nd Fear of responsibility

Until recently cared only about themselves. Now it should be to take care of the family. Will the current income be sufficient? What are the expenses for the child? Besides the financial aspect, he asks himself questions and how to behave as a father to his wife, children, colleagues, acquaintances. Will they make the same mistakes that condemned with his father?

3rd Look in the Mirror

It is particularly difficult boys whom life so far has been fun and that they avoided "grow up". Looking in the mirror, he asks himself - and really that old? And he is aware that part of the youth decided to leave,

the first is a fear of aging.

4. Sex and jealousy

They wanted to or not, we must admit that the quality of the relationship with a woman a man much sex. As pregnant women tends to be less in the mood for sex, he interprets this as "the loss of love." And since a woman of childbearing age more concerned with seed that carries in the stomach, in a man appears and jealousy, actually the fear of losing his wife's love and attention. This behavior is particularly noticeable in men who have their pre-pregnant women (a mother and earlier) spoiled.

5. Lack of paternal feelings

A man is difficult, almost impossible before the birth of a child to develop some paternal feelings. A woman exactly what was expected. For this reason a man scared, not sure if this feeling ever develop it. Although, objectively, places no such fears. For at least the first baby's smile disappears in man "stronger" sex, and he will become affectionate father.