Pictures Tells A Thousands Words

07/07/2015 19:44

Marketing is not for amateurs. And it is not an easy task even for professionals. There are many details that must be observed. Many equate marketing with advertising. Marketing is not advertising. Marketing is a science. Complex and big science. What I will now write. Now I want briefly to point out the problem that some restaurants by cuisine in Serbia have with the introduction of its food.

In fact, I noticed that some restaurants by cuisine do not put pictures of their meals at popular sites such as Fetch. Why this is so I do not know. But I know that behind the promotion of food is tremendously time spent on research, design and the process of photography. Complete the science behind it. And you know how many chains such as McDonald's spent time in taking photos bigmek, and what it looks like when you receive it personally. But that's not the point. The point is that many restaurants worldwide are trying to show better and better picture of its food. But with us? No!

Because this way I want to say to all the owners, bosses, marketing managers and others engaged in marketing in restaurants: always try to give the visitors the image of food you're making. Because a picture speaks a thousand words.