Pregnancy - the most common cause of "cracks" in the skin

25/05/2015 17:27

Considering that in pregnancy the abdomen to expand approximately 50 to 60 centimeters, which is extremely burden to the skin, the connective tissue is weak there is a ruptured and stretch marks are formed.

Stretch marks can whiten time, but permanently remain whitish scars that are difficult to remove. But so well to keep those old folk "Better safe ..." and recommends regular massage and body care, especially during pregnancy.

Pregnant women are advised at the very beginning of pregnancy regularly, and twice a day, massaging the stomach and affected areas and gently štipkati skin (grasp the skin between thumb and forefinger, pull up and drop), and the skin can gradually and gently crush.

An effective fight against stretch marks is any kind of massage, and the principle is always the same - the first massage of the hips through the buttocks and the abdomen. Use your time in the shower or in the tub for water massage - not only strengthens the skin, but also has an effective relaxing effect.

Do not forget to exercise - Regular exercise strengthens muscles, keeps skin elastic, and experts say and to facilitate childbirth.