Signs That Say: You Are Pregnant

24/05/2015 17:25

Darkening of the areola in early pregnancy could happen to you the areola (the dark area around the nipple) begin to darken and increase. It is believed that the darker color helps the newborn to find your nipple during breastfeeding. Also, there is a possibility that you and the veins on her breasts become more visible during this period.

If you are pregnant, one of the most common side effects in the first eight to ten weeks is exhaustion. The body, in fact, is going through significant metabolic changes, but for most women it is calm around the 12th week of pregnancy.

Morning sickness: Morning sickness begins very early - even a week after conception, but already they themselves can inspire you to reach for some specific tests.

Frequent urination: By the time when your period late in a week, two, you will find that you have to urinate more frequently. This is logical, given the fact that the child grows and puts pressure on your bladder.

Close: also be possible to digest during the first weeks of pregnancy. The extra hormones during pregnancy cause the intestines to relax therefore become less efficient.