Sleep is Separation

18/03/2015 23:13

With the children's point of view, going to sleep is a separation: from parents, from a sibling, from toys, from the exciting events of the day and of all that will continue to happen in the house. Why would a child readily abandoned it all - especially when it means going into a dark room, where the monsters hiding under the bed, ghosts could float outside the window? There is a child who goes to bed without a fight and quarrel. And no child begins to sleep alone in his bed without much encouragement, learning and strict rules are not changed.

This is the separation of the parents. Although most parents say they are ready to after a long day let the child to be only rain, in fact, many struggle to do so. They sent a child mixed messages, only partially implemented routine and can not maintain discipline which is essential to the child slept only. As parents, we need to recognize our problems and deal with them before they try to resolve concerns that can not our children.

Many cultures allow young children always to sleep with an adult and there's nothing wrong. In fact, many families find that the concept of the family bed is ideal. However, co-sleeping works only if everybody really agree with this idea and if everyone's needs for independence and privacy are met otherwise. Most families in Western societies think that a child should sleep in his bed since his early childhood. In any case, it is best to talk about this openly with your partner. Most parents sometimes takes the children with her in bed, when they are ill, frightened or under pressure. It is, of course, wrong, but remember that no child will be happy to go back to his bed. It is necessary to put you, the parents, given such an instruction and support him in that.