Sleep, Sleep, More Sleep

31/03/2015 21:06

The eternal theme of young parents the baby's sleep. As much as she sleeps, it seems you are not enough. How to newborn spends more time sleeping? Read the advice of doctors Troas ...

According to doctors Karp, author of the famous guide for parents "The Happiest Baby", lack of sleep is one of the first things that parents face when the baby is born.

"Sleep deprivation leads to nervousness, and then are frequent disagreements in marriage or postpartum depression. Also, find it hard to take off the pounds gained during pregnancy because you're exhausted, and because of the whole situation to overeat and not exercise. Then, it can be bad because breastfeeding because of fatigue will easily give it up to breastfeed your baby, or will lead to unsafe behavior such as napping with the baby in the bed. Research shows that six hours of sleep or less brings man's consciousness into a state identical to that of drunk people, "he says.

What parents can do to counteract these problems? See the gallery advice Karp how your baby is sleeping a few hours longer during the night.