Stretch marks

13/02/2015 06:24

 Stretch marks

Stretch marks are indeed unpopular with women, but they can be, unfortunately, often difficult to avoid. Fortunately, there are some tricks to promote the Pale of stretch marks after birth. While the facial skin during pregnancy often fresher and smoother effect, it looks in remote regions is quite different. On the stomach, thighs, breasts and buttocks can form serpentine fine strips approximately between the fourth and sixth month - the so-called stretch marks.

Every second pregnant has these connective tissue, often even before pregnancy to the body parts one sees, for example, are umworfen a diet increased weight and size variations: These are often thighs or arms, breasts or a belly. What the eye does not exactly pleased, but is the result of a useful means of the body.
Cause of stretch marks

In pregnancy the connective tissue is stressed by weight gain and increase in the abdominal circumference. Therefore, it expands with automatically. This process keep the collagenous fibers of weak connective tissue was not always. At particularly exposed parts of the body then they tear so that reddish blue strips arise that fade after birth. What remains less pronounced silvery scars.
Regular massage against stretch marks

In order to prevent stretch marks, you should massage regularly with the beginning of pregnancy your breasts, abdomen, your butt and thighs. By circular movements, kneading and plucking the circulation is stimulated and strengthened the elasticity of fabric.

To plucking massage are accessed gently with your thumb and forefinger smaller areas of skin, raises it carefully and let it go again. You perform daily about 5 minutes. How about if you ever before falling asleep thinking about it? Many women swear that the massages (ie better every day at least twice a week) lead to success with regular use.

However, there are also women, in which the connective tissue is improving through the massage, stretch marks, however, still occur. From the ninth month all women will only recommend a very gentle massage of the abdominal region, there can trigger excessive massage strokes labor.

Also alternately hot showers is good for blood circulation and skin metabolism. In addition, you can already maintain the vulnerable regions with a special massage washcloth while taking a shower. Always Finish the poikilothermic shower operations with a cool iron.