Teething Brings Its Own Problems

04/04/2015 11:33

Teething is the effort and the effort burdens the immune system. And when he is weakened, then the child easily fill up any infection.

The fact is: Two-thirds of all children have health problems in the period when they sprout teeth. On the other hand, Teething some parents immediately attributed to each baby's kenjkavost and bad mood.

Difficulties during teething become more difficult when the child is lying.

Is it true? Yes that's right. A possible explanation: Children sprout teeth more afraid when lying swallow saliva, and is trying to cough up - this is the "cough of teeth".

The following explanation: When a child lies in his head reaches more blood, because the pain in the jaw and stronger. Help him if he can pick up a little mattress in place headboard.

Threesomes are "eye teeth"

Is it true? Scientists do not have any evidence for that. But, during the eruption of triplets in the upper jaw children know get inflammation of the connective tissue - Conjunctivitis - and because these teeth are called canines. But what is the relationship with canine eyes remains unclear.

When sprout teeth, the child loses appetite

Is it true? Can be. Eating and chewing can during this period will be painful. Because babies automatically eat less. And when you fall behind in one to two meals, she screams for three reasons: out of desperation, because of pain and starving.

Tip: Hot meals are not pleasant when sore jaw, better would be a child then offer some cold cream apple. If the baby refuses food completely, there are medications that alleviate the short-term pain in the jaw.