The Baby Has A Big Role In Breastfeeding

12/11/2015 15:03
Any woman who bore a child first lights colostrum, then milk. As soon as the mother of a child born and expel the placenta, begins the process of milk secretion. The full lactating women can daily to "produce" 800 to 1000 and most 1,200 milliliters of milk.
Every woman has breasts that you are suitable for breastfeeding. They can be large, small or flat. Areola (the darker area around the nipple) can be small or large, dark or pale, convex or may even not see.
The baby has a big role in breastfeeding. After birth, the baby has enough strength and skill to be crawled mother with stomach, find the breast and nipple nose of rubbing or licking. When the baby instinctively feels the need, she will herself to open her mouth and start sucking.
Babies help mothers in the creation of milk
Close contact of the skin and the skin of a child mothers slimuliše hormones that omogućavajii create a new milk. When the baby sucks, it stimulates the secretion of milk. Baby shows signs of hungry long before he starts crying: turning the head, mouth open, tongue out. When you're with the baby, soon learned to recognize the signs.
So you can offer your baby to suck and before she starts crying. The baby food is better if it is not upset before a meal. When the milk flow from the breast, some women may experience a tingling sensation. This is called reflex or reflex oxytocin release milk.