The cause of preterm birth

28/06/2015 16:54

In their study, researchers from the University of North Carolina have shown that women with chronic inflammation of the gums, there are seven times higher chance of premature birth, and that 18 percent of premature births in the United States caused by just such inflammation. It is believed that the immune system of the mother in the gums creates specific antibodies to protect against infection, but not these antibodies reduce blood flow to the placenta and cause contractions and premature labor.

What you can do it yourself

1. No matter how loved and wanted a sweet, enjoy sweets very moderate. After the candy brush your teeth. Of course this should not be done after every cubes of chocolate, or edit it if during the day two or three times reaching for something sweet. Make sure you use a toothpaste with high content of fluorine.

2. Ensure sufficient time for a thorough and time-consuming to brush their teeth, longer than you're used to. The speed and ferocity will quickly damage the gums. These are ideal places to attack bacteria.

3. Use a soft toothbrush. Very stiff brush unnecessarily irritate the gums.

4th Toothbrush change more often than usual. In the old brushes are already at home a number of bacteria.

5th mouthwash refresh and disinfect. Choose those plant-based and use them from time to time.