The importance of communication with employees

25/07/2015 11:03

Successful leaders know that communication with employees is of great importance, which leads to satisfaction, additional engagement and more productive employees and improved financial performance of the organization.

Internal communication or communication with employees is often neglected compared to communicate with other, external publics. However, successful organizations and successful leaders know that they are just the most important public employees, and the communication with them is of great importance and should never be ignored and neglected. A number of research and consultancy studies and research have linked high-quality communication with employees and business success of the organization. Organizations that successfully and efficiently communicate with their employees and with them develop quality relationships are happier, more engaged and more productive employees, they have a good reputation and loyal customers and achieve better financial results.

If you want to hear more about internal communication, current trends and find out where your organization is in the light of international best practice and learn how to effectively communicate with employees come to this seminar.

The seminar will give an insight into the theoretical knowledge, recent research and best market practices and ensure that the practical work set the guidelines for the improvement of internal communications in your organization.

What are the objectives of the seminar?

To become aware of the importance of internal communication within the organization and to introduce students to the most relevant research and trends in internal communication and good market practices and practical advice for improving internal communications.