The real rules: What parents should not do

21/07/2015 11:00

* Do not spoil your child by buying him everything he wants.

* Do not be afraid to be strict.

* Do not show that you are stronger.

* Do not be inconsistent.

* Do not make promises if you will keep your promise.

* Do not fall for provocation when your child does something uinat.

* Do not be too upset when he says he hates you. It is only because of something angry at you.

* Do not make a child feel smaller than it is.

* Do not for him to do things that can be done only.

* Do all the attention paid to his bad habits. One might disobey.

* Do not correct your child in front of others. For errors ukazujte alone.

* Do not make the child think that his mistakes are grave sins.

* Do not nag. Children do not accept the "nagging".

* Do not scare the kid penalties. It will begin to lie.

* Do not protect him from the consequences. It must learn from experience.

* Do not pay too much attention when it easier sorrowfully.

* Do not reject normal questions, because the answers might look elsewhere.

* Do not forget that they can not grow up without a lot of understanding and support.

Remember: more is learned from examples than from criticism.