Things To Eat During Pregnancy

18/05/2015 13:49

* Remember, all the fruit refreshes and contains a lot of pregnant women necessary ballast substances;

* Potatoes - a classic favor of many dishes, it is highly recommended foods, because in it there are numerous complex carbohydrates;

* Employed pregnant women in the restaurant should order a piece of meat and more potatoes. I avoid fatty sauces;

* The bottled mineral water is given and calcium content. Maybe your favorite mineral water is not enough, so you should choose richer in this mineral;

* Always have a lemon on hand - let you serve the creation of freshly squeezed lemonade, it improve the taste of plain water you drink, salad, season with lemon juice;

* Lettuce is much more than decoration of the table: It contains the required and valuable folic acid;

* Say honestly - how chocolate "consumes" between meals? And your best snack is called - fruit.

* A delicious alternative to candy and snacks are pieces of pineapple, strawberry or raspberry occasional. Important: In pregnancy, all the fruit, vegetables and salad should be thoroughly washed.

* Your baby should eat and drink with you. And because her liver is unable to break down alcohol, it will arrive safely in her brain. No one can say what will be done there, so that was better - total abstinence.