What you need for a good form

12/06/2015 10:37

Sometimes expectant mothers advised to "eat well". The thought itself is good - but said in this form is wrong. For it is not an important quantity, but quality. When we read these pages you will be able to make the right menu to you and your baby to provide all that is needed.

Tip: It is better to plan a day, five smaller but three generous meals. Thus, your blood sugar will always be of approximately the same level and you will feel better.

Should more calories

You need enough nutrients first. That's why you need to look out for a measured and uniform nutrition. The need for more calories will increase only after the fourth month. Since then expectant mothers should be 250 to 300 calories (corresponding lobe of bread and cheese or one apple of medium size). Pregnant women of normal weight in this case there will be the necessary 2,500 calories a day.

What offer fruits and vegetables

They are, above all, important as donors energy - and especially at the time when pregnant women usually have no appetite. But, above all, they provide ballast matters and necessary vitamins, which applies especially to fresh fruits and vegetables. Vegetables ready cooked, or eat something raw. Prepare yourself more servings of fruits and vegetables during the day.

The role of meat

Sufficient to you three to four small portions a week. From the meat you get the iron body thoroughly used as the protein. Choose lean meats.

Tip: Eat a little dried meat foods, because they usually contain a lot of fat. Temporary completely throw off the menu the raw meat such as salami and various sausages and steak tartare.