When a pregnant woman has a pet

21/06/2015 10:54

Behavior pet the pregnant woman is very interesting topic. The animals, in fact, feel that something is happening with their owners, because cats and dogs very well feel a change in mood and behavior of their respective owners.

If a pregnant woman has a dog, it can happen to her pet starts to act protectively, and this at the very beginning of pregnancy. Some are so great protectors of barking and ready to bite or lock the door to strangers approaching the owners, and there have been cases where even as Dad is not exactly welcome.

Cats are affectionate mistress in the same way as dogs. If they feel rejected or ignored, could show their claws and little cat envy. His disapproval can display and what will pee in places where it otherwise would never have made.

Experts advise owners to minimize change its previous routine, because the animal takes time to adjust to the new situation.

Better mood

It is scientifically proven that socializing with pets improves mood, affects depression, positive effect on the pressure and even extend life! And the children are with them learn responsibility, expressing feelings and respect for nature!