When cooing becomes word

25/08/2015 17:00

Between 11 to 14 months the largest number of baby utters first words and unintelligible mumbling makes sense. Parents to be proud of, and the youngest, "seek" that adults engage in conversation with them. This support is crucial for stimulating the development of children's speech.

Each child has its own course of development, however, there are established standards expected of speech development at a given age babies. Around the first year of a child speaks the first words that have a particular meaning. These standards should be expected of a baby as a feedback response to stimulation.

Apart from a little boy trying to master the mountain as soon as possible words, and his parents have to help it. And in a few steps.

With baby parents need to constantly talk, talk in simple words that appoint persons, objects and activities. For example, a baby say: "Come on, baby, go swimming, have lunch," "Baby bathing, eating lunch."

Play with your child to imitate the sounds of nature by showing their pictures. A simple exercise is that before a child to imitate sounds of animals, which it recognized.

To make the results as good as possible, learning the speech has to be gradual. At this age it is important to work on enriching vocabulary, especially the appointment of persons, objects and activities close to the child. It is important to stimulate the use of simple nouns and verbs.

Some kids may fall behind in speech development. In these cases it is necessary to professional help. It should be noted that if a child does not respond to the stimulation of speech and voice, then it should stimulate a strong and sudden sound.