When Will He Start To Walk?

26/08/2015 17:00

The study revealed that small djjeca beginning to walk in the ninth month of not more advanced than children who make the first steps later. Also, babies who sit unaided previously have little chance of being developed, according to a new study.

Having followed the intelligence and coordination of more than 200 babies to their 18th year, Swiss researchers concluded that there is little or no connection between the first step and the subsequent development.

Time really is not an important determinant. Children who previously did not walk any better and have better coordination of the other. Researchers at Children's Hospital Zurich followed the development of 222 healthy babies born between 1978 and 1993. The children were examined seven times during the first two years of life and work are a test of balance, coordination and intelligence to 18 years.

Their parents have recorded the date when their children are able to sit without assistance and has made at least five steps without holding on. On average, the children started to sit with six and a half months, but some have succeeded in the fourth month, while some could not until after the first year. The most common are walking by 12 months.

Research has shown that there is no connection between the first steps, intelligence and coordination in the next life.