Why Do Babies Often Change Their Behavior?

26/11/2015 13:42
Parents often complain that their baby changing behavior every two-three months.
It seems to you that your lovable and happy baby overnight becomes a second and more do not recognize: not to sleep, touching everything that falls under the arm, and then asked to eat the whole night. And then, a week or two later, she again becomes "old". Moreover, now you act more mature.
Sound familiar?
Dutch researchers found that kids in the first year of life go through six phases in which completely change their behavior: become moody, grumpy and often wake during the night. These changes usually occur within four weeks, third, fifth, seventh, eighth and tenth month, and last for a week or two.
What they are for?
When you pass a stage of "going crazy," the parents notice that their baby has progressed in development. The scientists conclude that
changes in the brain, as a condition of the next step in development, causing anxiety and "changing the baby's character," which is considered
a normal occurrence.