Why some children speak later

22/07/2015 11:01

Around the age of the first year you would expect your child as much as possible to speak. Sometimes, when this does not happen, or happens, but not in the expected extent, parents think that there is something wrong with the child's hearing.

But, if the child responds to sounds, if you are sure that you hear when you call from another room, if you snapped the street noise, phone ringing ... and especially if you are sure you understand what they say (and the child reached one year with understand a lot) - there is no fear that his hearing is damaged.

The most common answer to the question why some children later speak (or rather to say that the later start to use words) is similar to the answer to the question why some children walk later, after they get used to the potty, later ...

The child follows its own internal rhythm of development. When his time comes, will begin to develop rapidly its activity and reach the other children.

Important factors for the development of the child's speech are; how much time is spent with the child and how much with him actively working.

Children who speak little or do not speak at all, are usually very successful in non-verbal communication with parents. They appear to have been so well mastered the art of non-verbal communication that their words are not even necessary.

Show your finger up and it's the universal sign for everything is up (from what "show where the moon", and to the child's wishes, "lift me up"). Finger shown bottles with milk or juice is a clear message: "add me".

These children voice sometimes used not to speak but to mutter or more or less successful singing songs such as cartoon who want their release on video.