Within The First Year

13/07/2015 16:02

The child should be able to:

* Sit without help;

* Crawl on your hands and knees and get up;

* To walk with compliance;

* Imitate words and sounds and respond to simple requests;

* Enjoy playing and clapping;

* Repeat sounds and require attention;

* Raise things thumb and one finger;

* Begin to take up the things like spoons or cups and try to eat;

Advice for parents:

* Warn children to the object and name it, we often talk and play with your child;

* Take advantage of mealtimes to encourage interaction with all family members;

* If the child is developing slowly or has a physical disability, concentrate on its opportunities and encourage more of them;

* Do not leave a child more hours in one position;

* Environment make it safe as possible to managed to prevent incidents or accidents;

* Continue to breastfeed and ensure the child has enough variety of food;

* Help your child is experimenting with a spoon and a cup;

* Take care of regular vaccination and intake of sufficient amounts of micronutrients,

Warning signs:

* The child does not produce any sounds in response to someone's question;

* A child is watching and does not follow objects in motion;

* A child is indifferent and unresponsive to the person who cherishes;

* There is no appetite or refuses food.